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  • Evan K

Jay Cutler: Legend? Slacker? Both?

As Bears fan, the jay cutler trade brought much joy to my house. Until we realized how terrible of a QB he ended up being and how big of a dick he was to the other players. However, smoking jay is both a legend and a slacker. Lets start off with his divorce from Kristen Cavallari who cited that Cutler was lazy and was not a nice guy. Uh, no shit. Why did she think the Bears went with drafting Mitch Trubisky and signing Mike Glennon over keeping Cutler. Also the fact that he single handedly told his ex-wife that he was freezing all her assets so she had to actually work and not live off him is a baller move. I hope one day (If I get married than divorced) I have enough money to do that to my future ex-wife. So the question is still out, is he a legend or slacker. Well, he was a lazy QB on the field and quit broadcasting after 7 minutes, but was the greatest part in his wife's reality show "Very Cavallari" so I guess what he lacks in determination he makes up in for being a self centered dick. So in terms Cutlers a legend in front of the cameras but a major slacker on the field.

Also I am one of those fans who are pushing and hoping for a Cutler TV show during the divorce of his wife, cause that shit is hysterical.

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