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Is Turkish Soccer Fixed?

Obviously, I don't know anything about soccer. Does anyone really? But this quarantine has changed people. I would now consider myself a sharp soccer gambler. I wake up to look for new opening lines and I track the movements to find a few good plays. Now obviously if the coronavirus weren't around I wouldn't have any time to be doing any of this but obviously this annoying ass virus needs to be around. Anyways, that's beside the point. One of my favorite leagues to handicap has got to be the Turkish Super Lig. I even bet on one today; Go Trabzonspor! Throughout betting on this league, I have a theory. I believe that this league is fixed and I have the proof to show it.

On June 21, 2020, Galatasary S.K. played against Gaziantep FC. As well all know, Galatasary is the much better team here. They are sitting in fourth place just a few points behind my boys Trabzonspor trying to make the Champions League qualifications. On the other hand, Gaziantep is not so good. In fact, they are in 10th points and are about 17 points behind Galatasary in the standings. This match started with a quick Gaziantep goal in the 17th minute only to be followed by 3 consecutive Galatasary goals. With a 3-1 lead going into the 77th minute, you would think that the game would be over, especially for a team playing so aggressive and fighting for an important spot. Next, the unthinkable happened. Gaziantep scored a goal in the 78th minute making the score 3-2. Still, any Galatasary fan would be confident that their team would hold on to the ball and run out the clock. Now, I'm sorry if I already said this, but the last minutes of the game, the unthinkable truly happened. First, the referee indicated only a few minutes of "extra time" to be played in the game. This means that in the 95th minute or so, the game should have ended. But no, in the 98th minute, a player on Galatasary was given a yellow card for arguing that the game should be over already. Now, any other yellow card is a normal thing but the fact that he had a real point and still got a yellow card was insane to me. After multiple other arguments, the game continued. Just a mere 6 minutes later, in the 104TH MINUTE!!! Gaziantep scored a tying goal. This wasn't an ordinary goal either. The referee called a penalty in the box so that Gaziantep would have a penalty kick to tie the game. After even more agitated Galatasary players argued, another was given a yellow card and the match was ended.

It is my theory that the referee had Gaziantep +1 and he didn't want a push. Who the fuck ever wants to push a bet? That's literally like when you're down 10-2 in rec. baseball and you bring your team back to tie it 10-10 but the umpire calls the game early because it got dark out. It's fucking bullshit. To be honest, I don't blame the referee for this decision. Pushing a bet sucks and I would have done anything in my power to win that bet also.

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