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  • Evan K

If a bird flies away, does it return?

Charley Kelly once said "bird law in this country—it's not governed by reason." On the topic of birds, I was recently scrolling through snapchat and found the most interesting story on snap I have seen about a lost bird who has been missing for over 10 days (credit to Sammy B). My initial thought was if a bird has been gone for over 1 hour, it's probably gone forever. Also does this person know how hard it is to find a bird, like do they know how many birds look like the one they lost. The last thing I would want is to take in a bird that wasn't already mine (with COVID-19 these days, who knows what can give you the disease). I also cant be the only one wondering why name a bird Alita. Just call your bird "bird" because it probably doesn't even know its own name. Finally, why is this person giving a reward for a bird, those things are insanely hard to catch in the wild and it probably left for a good reason. Trust me, I've tried to catch a bird and it didn't work. So that leads me to my final question, does it come back. Obviously there's not shot it returns and if it does, that bird is an idiot. Who wants to be locked up in a cage for its whole life. The family should get a pet that they can play with like a dog so that it wont go missing if it runs away, and they'll probably find it down the street. What do you think, if a bird flies away, will it return.

Also if you do see the bird, it's living its best life right now so don't screw the bird over and get it back in the cage. Don't be a cock-block.

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