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How to Know When to Post for a Girls Birthday on Instagram

It could be one of the most difficult things to ask yourself when on social media; Should I post a picture of me and a girl to wish her a happy birthday to my followers? On one hand, she will be very thankful and possibly give u a "reward" for it (depending on the scenario and your relationship with her), or she wont care and your friends will call u a simp for posting. I've heard it both ways.

Since this recently happened to me, on whether or not to post for someones birthday, I figured other guys might need advice on how to handle this slippery slope.

So, a friend of the company has developed a system of figuring out if you should or should not post. Personally, my general rule is if they post for you, you post for them. Unless there is bad blood since the last post was posted.

Here is the system you should consider using on decided to post for a girls birthday:

It should depend on the girls and your social presence on social media. If said girl barely posts, she or you is a 1. If said girl or you posts about her entire life story than she/you are a 10. If you have an overwhelming social media presence then girls expect you to post for them and find it rude if you do not. However, if you do not post a lot in general, then a simple text will cut it.

If she is hot, then it is your risk of taking on the clout and her response but it is also high-risk high reward.

In summary: if your social media presence and her presence are high or both low, your all good. If you are below a 5 on the scale and she is above a 5, stay the fuck away unless you want to play a game of chance with her, her followers and your friends. If you are above a 5 and she is below, you are also in the clear to post (because what do you have to lose).

If that was too complicated, stick to the general rule that if she posts for you, you should post for her.

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