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How Much For Him To Slap Me?!

I spend a decent amount of time on Instagram. I’ve learned to deal with the ads and the spam of modern social media, and have found joy in an unlikely source. It’s called competitive slapping, I’m sure you’ve all seen it. Two people stand face to face and slap each other back and forth, they have 5 attempts to knock the opponent out. Although it is highly entertaining to just watch this sport, I began to wonder what it would take for me to get slapped like that.

So, I hopped online and began to research how much competitors make from these competitions. Just before the New Year, the winner of a slap competition took home 200,000 rubles, which is equivalent to about $2900. Let’s assume there are 32 competitors, which would give us 5 rounds in a bracket.

5 slaps a round

X 5 rounds

= 25 slaps


/ 25 slaps

= $116/slap

If you ask me, I am not standing across the table from the mountainous men, with tree trunks for arms and legs, and letting them slap me repeatedly for $116/slap. Let alone, you have to win the competition in order to win the prize. After doing this research, I respect all the men I see in the video so much more. I don’t think I could ever come close to knocking someone out with a slap, but that is how you win a round in this sport. Incredible, unbelievable, whatever you call it, you gotta love the sport of competitive slapping.

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