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Get This Player In The Bubble Right Now

It’s the first day of NBA scrimmages and thankfully basketball is back! But someone is definitely missing. That person is Isaiah Thomas. Not the Bad Boys Isiah Thomas but the former Boston Celtic Isaiah Thomas. I’ve been an Isaiah Thomas fan since the day he was traded to my favorite team, the Boston Celtics. His story is so inspirational. Being 5’9’’ not many people believed in him but the Sacramento Kings took a chance on him and took him with the 60th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. It didn’t really work out with them so they traded him to the Suns who then decided to trade him to the Celtics. IT made an immediate impact on Boston and was named to 2 all star games in 3 years with the team. People also forget that he came in 5th back in 2017 in NBA MVP voting while averaging 29 PPG and leading the Celtics to the ECF versus Bron and Kyrie. 

After being dealt from the Celtics, IT hasn’t seemed to find the right fit and has been injured pretty frequently. However after being healthy all offseason and putting the necessary work in, IT showed that he was good enough to be on an NBA roster. With the Washington Wizards this season Thomas averaged 12 points per game while shooting 41% from the field. Thomas was traded right before the trade deadline to the Clippers who released him right after. After being dropped, IT hasn’t been able to find a team to join. The guy can still bring a spark off the bench for a team who is looking to contend for a championship. I understand that IT is a huge liability on defense given that he is 5’9’’, but his offense can make up for it. With the right fit, the former all star could be carrying a second unit throughout the playoffs.

What really angers me is that guys like Justin Anderson are being signed by teams but Isaiah can’t even get looked at. Anderson played three games this season, what makes you think that he would be a better addition than Isaiah Thomas. I just hope that Isaiah Thomas just gets the opportunity he deserves, cause I know he just wants to hoop. 

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