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Garrett Cole vs Max Scherzer to kick off the 2020 MLB Season!

Boy will this be a good one, New York Yankees vs the defending World Champion Washington Nationals to kick off the 2020 MLB season. And here is the kicker, this should have been the World Series last year if it wasn't for the cheatin' Houston Astricks. Sorry Houston Astros, Trevor Bauer has it stuck in my head. Anyway, this opening night battle between these pitchers is going to be epic, and I have no clue which hat I am going to wear on that day. On one hand, the Nationals are defending champions and I go to their spring training almost every year in high school so it was only destiny that I bought a hat. Their roster, however, is not the same as it was last year. While their pitching is still going to be dominate as Ace Max Scherzer is slated to start, they lost Anthony Rendon in free agency which could be bad for their lineup. Yet I think gaining a newly rejuvenated Eric Thames from Milwaukee will only help. But on the flip side of the coin, the Yankees are already my favorite to win the World Series. Garrett Cole is still the top pitcher in the league and the Bronx Bombers lineup is probably going to be much better than last year due to experience and being healthy. Although they lost Tanaka for the foreseeable future after he took a line drive to the head by Giancarlo Stanton, the Yankees are still built to be in a position to win.

Thus, my hat choice for the day is going to be New York Yankees on the road in Washington getting the dub and making a statement right out of the gate. I will 100% be repping my 2016 All Star Game New York Yankees hat to watch them catch the dub on opening night.

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