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Gamebred: Six-Day Notice with No Head Coach

UFC 251 is finally upon us with the debut of Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. President of the UFC, Dana White delivered when he wanted the debut of Fight Island to have one of the most stacked cards in the UFC. In the main event, we were going to see Kamaru Usman defend his Welterweight title against Gilbert Burns. Unfortunately, Gilbert Burns tested positive for COVID-19 which cancelled the fight. To keep the main event alive, the UFC needed to find an opponent fast.

Enter Jorge Masvidal, the number three ranked Welterweight contender and 2019 fighter of the year. Masvidal even has the record for the fasted knockout in the UFC at five seconds. He is a veteran to the fight game and finally gets his opportunity at the title.

Jorge Masvidal doesn't have an easy fight against him. He has to defeat Kamaru Usman who is undefeated in the UFC and has dominated almost all of his opponents. Plus, Masvidal is fighting on six days notice whereas Kamaru has been training for months for UFC 251. This does not mean that Masvidal hasn't been in the gym training though, but this still is a large disadvantage. In more unfortunate news, Jorge Masvidal's head coach Mike Brown has tested positive for COVID-19 meaning that he won't be there for the fight.

This is definitely an uphill battle for Jorge Masvidal, but as stated before, he is a veteran to the game and has overcome many obstacles in his fighting career. So, make sure you watch UFC 251 to see who comes out as the Welterweight Champion.

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