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Gambling in the Q

Sitting here in quarantine has been really rough for me. No, not because everything is closed. There are no live sports to gamble on. March 11th is the day that the world ended and the day Rudy Gobert changed the sports world. At that point, I had no idea what to do. Until one night, I log in to Bovada and see a new sport being offered. My first reaction was, "Why the fuck can I gamble on Russian table tennis?" Yup, you heard that right. Russian table tennis. It is called Liga Pro and features world-class athletes such as Alexander Gribkov, Vladimir Nemashkalo, and Dmitry Kolesnikov. I mean, who the hell has ever heard of these people. Not to mention, these matches occur in Russia so it is almost 2 am and I am stoned betting on this. Anyways, I turn on the live feature so I can watch the match as I place a live bet on my boy Vladimir and I see two men that appear to be about 50 years old playing table tennis with another person in the room keeping score (see picture below). What the actual fuck is going on in this room. Anyways, my person wins the match and I go to sleep happy.

Why does this story matter? Well, about two months later an ESPN article comes out saying that these matches may have been rigged. The matches may be prerecorded although not many people know where these recordings are online.

Look, as a gambler myself, I know it's hard to lay off during these rough times. Just please listen to me, don't gamble on this rigged ass shit. I'll be back soon with some advice on how to bet on soccer. Stay safe and if you are going to bet on Liga Pro or whatever the fuck this shit is called, bet on Vladimir. He's sorta good.

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