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WOJ BOMB, literally.

Yesterday, Adrian Wojnarowski was suspended by ESPN. If you don't know who the guy that many people call Woj, then you must not follow the NBA. Woj is the goat tweeting breaking NBA news. If you’re a basketball fan Woj has either blessed you with news that your team is signing or trading for a star player or has killed you by letting you know that your favorite team is going to be trading away your favorite player, Isaiah Thomas (might just be me). Everyone who follows basketball knows Woj and yesterday we got terrible news.

ESPN had decided to suspend Woj after he responded to Missouri Senator Josh Hawley with a profane email. Hawley sent an email to the NBA asking why they don’t give players the option to use these phrases rather than their last names, “Support Our Troops” or “Back the Blue”. Shortly after sending those emails, Woj responded with “Fuck You”, which was quickly screenshotted and posted on twitter. Wojnarwoski later apologized, but the next day, ESPN announced that Adrian Wojnarowski would be suspended for 1-2 weeks without pay. 

Quickly after the news of Woj being suspended, the NBA world was quick to respond. Players such as LeBron James, Lou Williams, Bam Adebayo posted to twitter using the hashtag #FreeWoj which was eventually number one on trending. The impact Woj has on the league is eye opening, but I guess for now we are going to have to rely on Shams Charania.

Say it with me, #FreeWoj

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