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First Round Matchups We All Want To See

The other day the NBA released their Orlando schedule.  Each team will play eight games in Orlando, Florida with no fans in attendance. Despite star players either not qualifying or being injured, such as Curry, KD, Klay, and many others, there are still a lot of potential first round matchups that are very intriguing. 

First matchup that we’ve got our fingers crossed for is the Pelicans vs. Lakers. Not only is this Zion vs. Lebron which is what everyone has their eyes on, but it is also AD versus his former team. Many around the league are already comparing Zion Williamson to the Goat and to get a best out of seven series would be very fun to watch. Not to mention that Pelicans have a nice young core of Lonzo, Brandon Ingram, and Josh Hart. The Pelicans are 3.5 games back behind the Ja Morant led Grizzlies for the eight spot. Not only do the fans want to see Zion vs. Lebron, but you already know Adam Silver wants that too. This series would bring a lot of money to the association that is already expected to receive many views. However, I just feel like the Lakers would be too much to handle for the Pelicans. I would say the Pelicans steal a game and the LakeShow wins in five. 

Another matchup every fan should want to see is the Celtics vs. Sixers. I personally think this would be the best series in the first round. Back in 2018, the C’s and the 6ers squared off and the Celtics won in five without Kyrie and Gordon Hayward. Now we are in 2020 and some things have changed. Al Horford is a 6er now and Kemba is the Celtics point guard. But one thing has not changed, Ben Simmons cannot make a jump shot consistently. The fans would also get to watch arguably the two best young duos in the East with Tatum/Brown and Embiid/Simmons. Right now the Celtics and Sixers are expected to play in the first round, but a lot can change in Orlando. Although the Sixers did win three out of the four games versus the Celtics, I still would take the Celtics in seven. 

The idea of the Thunder playing the Rockets in the first round is also very intriguing. CP3 vs. Houston. Westbrook vs. OKC. That point guard battle will be very interesting. The Thunder have surprised many including myself and the fact that they are the only game back of the fourth seed is very shocking. What would actually interest me the most would be how the Rockets will be able to contain Steven Adams with PJ Tucker as their starting center. After dealing Cappella away, the Rockets have actually strived, but without a legit center I don’t see the Rockets being able to contain Adams. Tucker is only 6’5’’, yes you read that right. The average NBA center is 6’11’, and Steven Adams is 7 feet. Not only is Adams very tall, he is also one of the strongest men in the NBA. But, Westbrook and Harden would just be too much for the Thunder to handle. Houston in six. 

Whether we get all of these first round matchups or none of them, the first round and the later rounds of the playoffs will be so enjoyable to watch. 

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