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Dr. Dreidel's TOTW

TIP: Do what makes you happy and seek the positives in a negative situation.

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Shabbat Shalom! Mazel Tov! Baruch atta adonai! Hopefully that means “Welcome to Dr. Dreidel’s Tip of the Week and I hope you are having an amazing day.” I am @DR.DREIDEL, and I am back with another tip that will elevate your lifestyle and help you live the best life. 

My tip for this week is seek the positives in a negative situation. 2020 has been anything but smooth. Coronavirus has taken a toll on our country, as the number of cases has surpassed 100,000 and continues to grow. We have lost so many influential people, like Juice WRLD and Pop Smoke, who meant so much to the world. Police Brutality continues to happen today and many peaceful protests have turned into violent blood baths. 

If 2020 could be cancelled, it would have happened already. Unfortunately, that’s not how our world works. In the midst of the madness, we need to find ways to turn this year around and find light in the darkness. With this pandemic, I had to leave school to come home to my family. I used the time to spend time with my family and enjoy the time I wouldn’t have had. 

The deaths of Juice and Pop Smoke still sadden many today, and they will never be forgotten. They may not be here now, but everything they gave still exists and so we can listen to their music and reminisce about their excellence.

Police Brutality is a problem that still exists today, and systematic racism still exists today. Getting rid of these negatives will take time and action. The uprise in protests has increased awareness and the positive that should come out of this is more action towards equality. Continue to protest, spread awareness, and bring more light into the darkness.

This article touched on many raw topics and was more serious overall. But my tip can apply to simple situations as well. I got an ear infection after going to my lake house, a major negative. It kills. But the positive that came out of this was that I have an excuse to not do anything. My mom just wants me to rest and write articles instead of doing chores around the house. Not bad! The point is, find the positives in a negative situation. @DR.DREIDEL OUT!!!  

***This article is sponsored by 4th and 20 Media, give them a follow @4thand20media on all social media platforms***

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