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@DR.DREIDEL’S Tip of the Week

TIP: Get outside, experience nature, and you will be more fulfilled.

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Shabbat Shalom! Mazel Tov! Baruch atta adonai! Hopefully that means “Welcome to Dr. Dreidel’s Tip of the Week and I hope you are having an amazing day.” I am @DR.DREIDEL, and I am back with another tip that will elevate your lifestyle and help you live the best life. 

My tip for this week is to get outside and experience nature. It’s easy to stay inside, watch netflix, and bottomless bags of chips. But that can get boring, and leave you watching The Office all the way through 3 consecutive times(this actually happened). Side tip: The Office is a great show, and can be watched over and over again. But seriously, don’t watch The Office 3 consecutive times. It will drive you crazy.

Instead, go outside. Get some fresh air. Go to the park and take a walk. Take a bike ride. Have a picnic. Take a hike. Watch people do crazy shit like funky partner yoga and cartwheels(this exists). The weather has been VERY HOT, but it’s definitely worth it. 

I caught myself staying inside watching TV a lot, and I realized what a waste of time it was. But then, I went outside and sat on my bench in my backyard for an hour. I took a moment and looked at my surroundings. I thought about my life and sitting outside helped me get a sense of purpose. Instead of watching TV, I’m working out outside, taking runs, walks with my dogs, bike rides. Side tip: thinking about life on a bench outside hits differently. Going outside gave me some inspiration, and if this article resonates with you at all, then stop what you are doing and go outside and experience nature. It will be fulfilling. Until next week…@DR.DREIDEL OUT!!!

***This article is sponsored by 4th and 20 Media, give them a follow @4thand20media on all social media platforms***

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