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With the world put on hold due to the global pandemic, sports have taken the biggest hit. With the Olympics postponed until 2021, football season three months away, the NBA not coming back for a few more weeks and the MLB owners and players not being able to agree on terms for a season, the future of sports in 2020 is a great mystery that (in some sports) may not be solved. But a YouTube channel may have changed the game when it comes to sports and betting.

With over 1.1 million subscribers on Youtube, Jelle’s Marble runs have created an outlet for sports fans and betters all over the world. Jelle’s marble runs is Formula One racing with marbles substituted for race cars. John Oliver, the host of Last week tonight with John Oliver, is the sole sponsor of Jelle’s marble runs. The double commentary super team of Greg Woods and Jack Nicholls, the action is electrifying throughout the entire video. Each video starts with a qualifying lap for each racer, from there the race is five minutes and thirty seconds plus one lap.

This is the perfect short term fix to fuel the betting fire inside you. The best part about betting on Jelle’s Marble Runs is that there is no bookie and there are no Monday morning blues. It is just you and your friends placing bets on who you think will win, or who will be the biggest riser or faller. Marble racing is the next big thing, I can assure you of that.

Upcoming Jelle’s Marble runs events

• 18 June: Qualifiers

• 19 June: Friendly Round

• 21 June: Opening Ceremony & E1

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