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Cubs Signee, Derek Dietrich, looks right out of "Jersey Shore" Episode

This is nothing bad about Derek Dietrich, who recently signed with the Chicago Cubs for the rest of the 60 game "sprint" season. But for some reason to me he seems like he should be on the show "Jersey Shore" along with Snooki and the Gang. Again, its nothing against him, he is a great hitter who I am very happy the cubs signed for more depth. But god he seems like he should be a guest star on an episode of "Jersey Shore." He is also a great guy who does juggling tricks for children who are sick and in the hospital, but him in a Reds tank-top (or as my mom calls it "wifebeater") jersey would just fit perfectly together. But I am happy the cubs signed him and cant wait to see him mash in Wrigley Field. Welcome to Chicago Derek Dietrich!

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