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  • Oliver Pine



Coronavirus continues to take its toll on the sports world, as leagues have had to either completely cancel or adjust their seasons to deal with it. The Big Ten Conference is the next domino to fall as they decided in a 12-2 vote to cancel the upcoming football season. Many conferences have suggested a 10-game in conference season, but it looks like the Big Ten saw too many red flags for even that plan and have decided against it.

There wasn’t too much surprise in the Big Ten’s decision, just a lot of disappointment. Many players were working hard and looking forward to the season, especially seniors who would have had one more shot to play for their respective universities. Fans across the country were excited to see Big Ten competition back in action, but will unfortunately not have that opportunity. 

Coronavirus is a serious issue in our country, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a fan, and seeing other leagues succeed in continuing with their seasons, I wish the Big Ten could have found a safe way to hold a season this fall. Morally, however, I feel that not having a season is the necessary decision and keeping the players safe is the priority. Perhaps, the Big Ten could have some interest in moving the football season to the spring if Coronavirus becomes less of a threat. But for now, we will have to wait and see as other Power 5 conferences are coming out with statements this week on a final decision for their season.  

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