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Bioterorist Weapon or Human Genitalia?

According to the state of New York, "You are your safest sex partner". But for all of you horndogs out there I know for a fact that you will not be following these ridiculous and unusual guidelines. The fact that New York is encouraging people to make it kinky, makes me wonder how vanilla the person who wrote this is in bed. For all my New Yorkers I am asking you to grab a brick from your nearest construction site and put it to good use. If you’re interested in any other kicky ideas head over to and explore the crazy world of sex. The most shocking part of these guidelines is that they need to tell people not to give rim jobs. If you give a rim job I highly recommend reconsidering your life. So for all my horndogs out there grab your bricks and masks and enjoy your thirty seconds of happiest because we all know it's been awhile. 

To all the guys out there, I want you to be careful. You all pose something of great danger and could be a terrorist. It has been proven that the rona can be transmitted through semen. Based on this information, is it safe to say that all guys are bioterrorist weapons waiting to explode. So next a girl does you dirty, just remember you have the ability to spread rona at an incredible rate. Stay safe everyone. 

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