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In the middle of March when quarantine started, I truly had no idea when I would get to say these words, but here we go. Today, on Thursday, July 23rd, we can finally say that we have real sports back. I don't know about everyone else, but I was getting sick and tired of betting on what I call "quarantine sports". Those would include Russian ping pong, international soccer games, and even darts at one point. I've definitely had my ups and downs with those sports, but oh my lord I am so excited to finally have real sports back.

Later tonight, we will have 2 MLB games (REAL GAMES, because screw you ESPN for airing fake exhibition games) and in this article, I'm going to talk about my two favorite bets for the night.

The first game of the night, beginning at 7:05 PM, we have the Yankees against the Nationals. As I'm writing this, I have received some intel that there are some bad storms headed up towards the Washington D.C. area and there is a ***chance*** that this game gets postponed/canceled. I really hope that it'll get to continue and that the storms just screw off. Anyways, in this game, we have two of the best pitchers in baseball Gerrit Cole vs Max Scherzer. I've seen a lot of people taking the Yankees in this game and I'm not too sure why. The Nationals are coming off of a World Series victory only to have many experts rule them out for this upcoming season. I think the Nationals are going to start the season off with a surprise and win this game outright. Although, that is not my bet for this game.

THE BET: 1st 5 innings- u4.5 total runs scored

Why?- I love this bet for 2 reasons. First, as I said earlier, we have two of the best pitchers in baseball going head to head against each other. I think that this reason solely could give you enough to bet on the under here. Another thing is that I think that hitters are going to take some time to fully acclimate into their full tier again. Especially at the beginning of this game (1st 5 innings at least), I don't think we see much action and it makes me love this bet even more. The juice on this pick is -130 and I couldn't love it more.

Late in the night, we move into Los Angeles for the Dodgers vs the Giants. Clayton Kershaw who has been nothing less than phenomenal in the past few seasons is taking on Johnny Cueto. In the past 2 seasons, Cueto has only pitched in 13 games and has an ERA of above a 4.00 in those games. Also, the Dodgers have consistently been one of the best teams in the MLB year in and year out, and I absolutely think that they will be heavy contenders for the World Series this season.

THE BET: Dodgers -1.5 on the Run Line

Why?- The Dodgers are just so much better than the Giants. They were so good last year and they have newly extended outfielder Mookie Betts to add to their outstanding lineup. Although I also liked the over in this game, I think that it's a much safer bet to take the Dodgers -1.5. As a prediction for this game, I think the Dodgers take it 7-3.


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