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Betcha Didn't See this Coming

The sports gambling industry is about to make a major change, and I "Betcha" didn't see this coming. A brand new betting app launched last week that I believe will change the way we gamble for the future. The new daily fantasy app of the future is called Betcha.

"We are trying to change the betting world by creating a community for betters giving players financial incentives to keep coming back and winning," CRO Jason Shapiro said, "Its Peloton meets sports gambling."

Betcha is an app that allows players a platform to network with their friends when it comes to daily fantasy on mostly player props any given day. This allows betters to see what their friends are picking for the day, and gives them opportunities to join in with their friends and go head to head against their friends. It also allows for players to like and comment about other players picks giving them an opportunity to make predictions on the app, instead of in group chats with friends only.

Other cool aspects of the app including the Weekly Wall of Fame which is a weekly leaderboard of either all players or only your friends. There also are different challenges like Ownership Challenges for the different sports and their respective teams as well as the "Betcha Cup."

Overall, the core ideals behind what Betcha is will absolutely change the sports gambling and betting industry. The ability for friends to connect in an easy way and bet with and against each other is huge in todays society of not being able to go out and bet in person against each other due to COIVD-19. Betcha has now transcended the betting industry and its only a matter of time until you and your friends are going to be live sports predicting and real money sports wagering against each other on the app.

Betcha didn't see that coming!

(For the full 12 minute interview with Jason Shaprio, you can watch it in the Podcast/Shows tab of our website)

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