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Best Minor League Team Name

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through instagram and found a cool graphic with all the minor league team names and thought I should rank my top 3. Im not sure why but it was pretty cool and I think minor league team names are super underrated. So here we go, my top 3 minor league team names.

3. Toledo Mud Hens

I love this name because I am semi partial to my favorite triple A team (and the Detroit Tigers minor league affiliate). Their logo is pretty cool. The angry looking bird that for some reason they named a "mud hen" when its not even muddy is confusing, but I guess it works and due to the bias I have toward them I had to put it as the third best logo.

2. Rocky Mountain Vibes

I don't know who thought of making a s'more with sunglasses and fire on top a logo, but dammit that was genius. I would totally buy a hat with a s'more. The logo just looks like its having a good time and not worrying about getting eaten in 5 minutes. But also, where's the chocolate. A classic part in the s'more, without chocolate they are just the melted marshmallows. But I like the Rocky Mountain Vibes logo a lot.

Honorable Mentions: New Orleans Baby Cakes, Amarillo Sod Poodles (yes, they are also referred to as the "Shit Dogs"), Florida Fire Frogs, Akron RubberDucks and Richmond Flying Squirrels.

Top (Minor League Dawg): Binghampton Rumble Ponnies

This team, formerly known as the B-Mets, went through a classic rebrand a few years ago to an absolutely absurd name but I love it. Nothing says baseball players like calling your team the "Rumble Ponnies." Honestly, they could have done so much better, but well go with them due to my partial bias for the team. The Rumble Ponnies name is so outlandish and so crazy and different that I just could not put them at the top spot.

I know many of you will probably say my list is shit and the Sod Poodles or Charleston Riverdogs or Fire Frogs should be top spot but its my list and Im gonna do what I want. What do you think, disagree with my list? Comment below your top minor league team names and logos.

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