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Best Landing Sports For Raheem Mostert

After helping lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl and falling a game short, the Niners are still refusing to adjust their star running backs contract. Mostert is still on a contract where he is being paid for special teams rather than a running back. Although the 49ers still have Tevin Coleman and Jerick McKinnonm, Raheem is better than both of them. I feel that the Niners are totally disrespecting Mostert who led the league in yards per carry (YPC). Raheem Mostert’s story is actually very interesting. He went undrafted in 2015 and was signed to the Eagles practice squad. After that he was bounced around the league. Mostert spent some time with the Dolphins, Ravens, Browns, Jets, and Bears before finding a home in San Fran. At the end of the day it’s the 49ers decision and if they decide to deal the running back, here are some places where I could see Mostert going. 

DUVALL. After ongoing requests to be traded, Yannick Ngakoue, could find a new home in Cali. This trade makes sense for both sides. After trading DeForest Buckner to the Colts, the Niners lost some depth on their defensive line. That’s when Ngakoue comes in. You may say, the Jags already have a talented RB so what do they get out of this? The Jags have made it known to most teams that they are shopping Leonard Fournette and with the right deal, Fournette could be gone. The Jaguars could deal Fournette once they’ve found the right trade partner. The only way this trade could actually go through would be if the Jags decide that it is best to move on from Fournette and go a different route with Mostert. 

Do not sleep on the idea of Mostert staying in Cali... just moving to LA. The Chargers lost Melvin Gordon in free agency to their division rivals, Denver. They recently re-signed Austin Ekler to a four year $24 million deal. The Chargers still have some money to mess around with and if they decide that they want to pair Ekler with Mostert, I don’t see a reason why it can’t work. Having multiple running backs who can make plays is something that will benefit LA quarterbacks, whether it is Justin Herbert or Tyrod Taylor. People really forget how much talent the Chargers already have especially on defense, and their offense is getting there too. With the addition of Mostert, the sky's the limit for the Chargers. 

This last spot is any player's dream, the opportunity to play with Tom Brady. Mostert to Tampa Bay? The Bucs are desperate for a running back after Ronald Jones II didn’t prove much last season. Anyone that knows Tom Brady knows how much he loves to use his running backs. We all saw it whether it was James White, Sony Michel, or Rex Burkehead. Mostert could come into that stacked Tampa Bay offense and produce right away. Although the Bucs are in a little trouble with their cap space, if they really want to win, going and getting Raheem Mostert is the right idea. 

Mostert is a very talented player that finally found his footing in the NFL and it's very unfortunate that the 49ers won’t pay the man. Whatever team decides to trade for Mostert, will be getting a stud who’s very hungry and has a lot to prove.

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