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Baseball is Back!

Over the weekend, I was thrilled that Baseball is back and airing "summer camp" games on ESPN. However, it was super strange to watch baseball. If you know me, you know I am a die hard cubs fan and seeing Wrigley Field, arguably the best baseball atmosphere in the major leagues, was super weird. Not a fan in the stands and only 153 people in attendance compared to the usual 39,000 people per game over the last few years. A few things I noticed while watching is that new ESPN broadcaster Chipper Jones, who is an amazing hitter, has little to no personality making the game so much harder to watch. Jones is a fantastic player and person however he should not be in the broadcast booth unless he finds some personality soon. Other things I realized are that the White Sox are going to be scary this season. Yes, I think their bullpen and starting depth are going to be an issue and potentially hold them back, however that lineup is ridiculous and they have a TON of young talent to be on the look out for. Another team that could be scary is the New York Mets. Im not saying they will make the playoffs (which they wont) but they could have a big say as to who gets in and who doesn't. The Mets lack the roster depth but make up big time with a great rotation and an newly revamped Bullpen. But man does it feel good to watch live baseball again. Although times have changed and it is not the same, baseball is back and opening pitch is Thursday night. I cant wait!

Sidebar: Yasiel Puig, who I recently wrote about going to the Atlanta Braves, tested positive for COIVD-19 and is not going to be signing with Atlanta.

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