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An Honest Review: Palm Springs

Honestly, ill say it right away, this was a pretty good movie. At first, I was expecting some dumb Andy Samberg rom-com about him ruining a wedding and running away with the bride. However, Palm Springs was not that whatsoever. In a twist of events, the first ten minutes does start exactly the way I thought it would. Samberg's character, Nyles, is an immature and free-spirited guy as a guest with his girlfriend at her best friends wedding. The day of the wedding goes on and Nyles is still the character I expected. At the wedding he saves the brides sister, Sarah (Christin Milioti), from collapsing during her speech. The two hit if off and go off into the desert of Palm Springs to get it on. Then out of nowhere, JK Simmons character Roy, shoots Nyles with an arrow forcing him to go into a mysterious cave, freaking out Sarah. She then follows Nyles in the cave and the both wake up back in the morning before the wedding. Nyles than reveals they are stuck in a time-loop with no way to get to tomorrow. During the time-loop, the two try everything they can at first to get out before realizing that life is meaningless and to have fun with it.

Nyles also reveals that Roy is stuck in the loop as well and trying to kill him. However, through trial and tribulation of the time loop, the only thing that is permanent in the loop is that pain is real and the film gets way better and way deeper than I thought it would be. Theres also dinosaurs which are weird but by the time they appear in the film, its super past weird. Anyway, the film continues and Nyles realizes that he is in love with Sarah and when she wants to get out of the loop, he wants to go with her because nothing is worse than doing the loop alone. I wont spoil the ending of the movie but it will be sure to leave you wondering if they really did get out of the loop.

Overall, this was a great movie and shattered my expectations for it. Definetly would recommend watching it on HULU if you having nothing better to do.

Rating: 8.8/10

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