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An Honest Review: Hamilton

Over the weekend, Disney+ streaming service launched their recorded version of the broadway sensation "Hamilton" starring the original cast. Not only did this launch Disney Plus downloads up 74% this weekend (Variety), but the film/musical itself is a smash hit.

Spoiler Alert: if you haven't seen it yet and do not want to spoil anything, stop reading this article!!!

If you are living under a rock, or just not a broadway fan, Hamilton is written by and stars Lin Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton and tells the story of the rise and fall of one of America's founding fathers (Alexander Hamilton). The play tells explores his life from his relationship with his friends and family, his origin, and his rise and fall of power till his ultimate demise in duel against longtime friend/rival Aaron Burr, Sir.

The music, stage direction/setting, lighting, acting all are brilliant. The book, including music and lyrics, is written by Miranda. Yep, one guy wrote an entire masterpiece. Anyway, the cast is spectacular. Phillipa Soo, Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom Jr, Christopher Jackson, Okieriete Onaodowan, Renee Elise Goldsbery are all spectacular. However, I knew they would all be phenomenal. But what really blew me away was Johnathon Groff's portrayal of King George III. The musical numbers that I listened to before (Alexander Hamilton, Non Stop, and My Shot) were all amazing and even better seeing the actors and actresses preform them. However, when Groff walked on stage for the first time, I wasn't sure what to expect. But the second he started singing "You'll be Back" it was stuck in my head and still wont leave. Miranda explained that the song "You'll Be Back" is a Britains break up song with the new United States and it does not miss a beat. Although it is a huge shift in music from rap to pop but completely ends up working and is one of the most underrated songs of the show. Groff also comes back in the second act to sing "I Know Him" an intro to the John Adams administration.

Other great songs to listen to are "Helpless", "Satisfied," "Hurricane," "Cabinate Battle," " Your Obedient Servant," and the finale "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells your Story."

Honestly, if you are into broadway or not, into American history or not, or just bored and have nothing better to watch due to COVID-19, I cannot recommend Hamilton enough. It is a must watch.

Rating: 9.1/10

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