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4th and 20 Media's NBA Award Season Predictions!

Coach Of The Year: Nick Nurse (Toronto Raptors)

Runner Up: Billy Donovan (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Nurse and the Raps lost their best player, Kawhi Leonard, and are still very big threats to the Milwaukke Bucks. Toronto is sitting in 2nd place in the Eastern Conference standings and could very well make a run at the finals. However, this all depends on their star players, Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam.

Sixth Man Of The Year: Montrez Harrell (Los Angeles Clippers)

Runner Up: Dennis Schroder (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Montrez Harrell’s game has improved in every aspect. Harrell’s scoring has gone up along with his rebounds. Even at 6’8’’, Harrell is sometimes forced to play center if the Clippers decide to go small ball. However, Harrell still finds ways to make his presence known whether on offense or defense. He averaged 18.6 points, 7 rebounds and almost 2 assists per contest. With the additions of two superstars, Harrell is still finding ways to help his team. Montrez will be due for a payday once free agency hits. 

Most Improved Player: Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat)

Runner Up: Brandon Ingram (New Orleans Pelicans)

After dealing Hassan Whiteside to the Trailblazers, the Heat knew that Adebayo was next up and were going to need him to step up. And he did all that and more. His points went from 9 to 16 and his rebounds went from 7 to 10. Adebayo was also named as an All-Star in his second year. Many point to Jimmy Butler being the reason why the Heat have been so successful this year, but you guys need to open your eyes to the fact that Adebayo has contributed just as much. 

Defensive Player Of The Year: Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukke Bucks) 

Runner Up: Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz)

Before the season was suspended because of Rudy Gobert, Antetokounmpo and the Bucks were the number one team in terms of defense and in large part because of Giannis. The Greek Freak is leading the NBA in individual defensive rating, defensive field goal percentage and also defensive field goal percentage in the restricted area. Clearly, Giannis is holding it down for the Bucks along with help from guys like the Lopez brothers. 

Rookie Of The Year: Ja Morant (Memphis Grizzlies)

Runner Up: Zion Williamson (New Orleans Pelicans)

Giving the award to Zion shouldn’t even be a thought to the voters. Ja has made the Grizzlies fun to watch again. He has them as an eighth seed right now and with Orlando around the corner, the Grizzlies will look to stay ahead of the Blazers who are three games back. Ja is averaging 17 points on 49%, along with 7 assists, and 3 rebounds. Yes, Zion is averaging more points and rebounds, but we have seen so little of Zion compared to Ja who has played the majority of the season.

Most Valuable Player: Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukke Bucks)

Runner Up: LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers)

Before you LeBron fanboys get on me for this, hear me out. What LeBron is doing in year 17 is astonishing and the fact that he is even in the MVP conversation is crazy. However, the MVP award is given to the most valuable player and Giannis the most valuable to his team. The Bucks have 53 wins and that is in large part due to their superstart the Greek Freak. Think about this, you take Giannis and LeBron off their respected team, who’s team will continue to have success. The answer to that is the Lakers. The Lakers would still have AD who is still a top 5 player in this league. Who would the Bucks have, Khris Middleton. Don’t get me wrong Middleton is a great player and even an All-Star, but he is no where near Anthony Davis and would not be able to carry this Bucks team to a top seed like Giannis is doing.

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